Graduate Career Review - Called to Account

Despite being a highly valued member of staff, Wesley’s firm was “obliged to let him go”after failing his intermediate accountancy exams twice.

Ambitious and highly motivated, Wesley’s initial reaction to his departure was to turn his energy towards alternative careers. In the first meeting, he expressed interest in careers in PR or hotel management and was supported and encouraged by his consultant to explore all possibilities.

By the second meeting, however, Wesley had realised that he was merely flirting with these career options. He decided to play to his strengths by building on the two year’s experience that he had already had in accountancy.

Working with his consultant to create an effective CV and practice interview techniques, he gained a post as a management consultant in a large company within a month; he was able to complete his accountancy training and, as an added bonus, had the possibility of overseas travel.

Being able to bounce thoughts and concerns off an objective consultant was clearly what Wesley valued most about his meetings.

“Friends and family tend to be rather biased, whereas you asked the right questions to make me come to the right conclusions about me.”

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