Individual Outplacement - Never Give Up

Like many scientists of his generation, Kenneth was undervalued. Oxford educated and of sufficient authority to deliver lectures to industry conferences, he had for 18 years been employed in technical Sales and Support by a small company making process control equipment. Sales people often respond positively to the challenge posed by redundancy, but any confidence Kenneth may have had had been drained out of him over the years.

Shortly before his summer holiday he applied for a position through the small ads section of the Daily Telegraph (which can be a good source of technical sales vacancies). He made it clear in the letter that he would be away for two weeks; but when he got back there was a letter inviting him for interview a week earlier. Kenneth phoned the company to ask for an alternative date but was told by an officious sounding secretary that they had assumed he was no longer interested and the matter was closed.

We advised Kenneth to write a personal letter to the Managing Director explaining the position and asking for reconsideration if the shortlist did not work out. He got a phone call by return inviting him for interview the following day. It went well and there was just time for us to arrange some interview practice replicating a second meeting with the Chairman. Kenneth joined the company on the following Monday.

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