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Whilst EuroCareer Consultants' Head Office is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we have serviced offices in London (City) and at other regional centres throughout the UK. Our consultants are available to travel to any location within the UK to meet the client at their convenience.

For middle managers and senior personnel, 1:1 outplacement support is normally required. However, we can provide outplacement workshops for junior personnel (up to 12 people at any one time), as well as an on-site job clinic which can be attended by any number of people on a 1:1 basis over an agreed period.

Yes. Our key aim is to tailor any outplacement or career management programme to meet the specific needs of the individual. We can offer varying degrees of support, dependent upon the client's requirements and corporate budget limitations. Our consultants are able to provide a high level of direct support to the client by working with no more than 12 clients at any one time.

On average, we would normally expect to have returned a client to meaningful employment within 9-12 weeks. Other factors will influence the duration of a programme, but our consultants will ensure that the individual remains focused and motivated at all times. We also provide an element of 'aftercare', in which we will continue to support the client for an agreed period once they have secured a new position.

By teaching the 'how to' skills needed for effective job research and networking, the majority of our clients are able to continue the programme at home with the direct support of the consultant as and when required. We do have additional internet-based bespoke research facilities in both our London and Tunbridge Wells offices, which are available to the client at any time.

Effective and proactive career support undoubtedly can save a company money, both in terms of employee retention, and as a means of avoiding costly tribunals.

Investment in the career planning and training of employees will ensure happy and motivated staff. Even in cases of redundancy, providing outplacement support will enhance the reputation of the company as an 'employer of choice' for those who remain.

The flexibility of our programmes also ensures that you only pay for the agreed level and duration of support required, thus avoiding unnecessary costs. Expenditure can therefore be tightly controlled.

Few organisations have the resources or HR staff available to devote to the meaningful and long-term career management of their employees.

Proper career support requires a great deal of time and effort which, through no fault of their own, often cannot be given by HR staff or line managers. We aim to lift the burden and provide a properly resourced and focussed career management service, with regular and detailed feedback to the sponsor to ensure total customer satisfaction.

You can contact us at any time on 0845 603 3880 and under no obligation. Experience has taught us that no two company's outplacement or career management needs are exactly the same – we can discuss your specific requirements in detail and in advance of any programme of change, thus ensuring the right level of support is available when you need it.

Our consultants all work on a self-employed associate basis and are encouraged to have other business interests in addition to their work with us. Consultants never work with more than 12 clients at any one time and must be prepared for contact with them during evenings and weekends as well as normal office hours. If you are interested in this form of consultancy as part of a portfolio career please e-mail your CV to

Although the majority of our clients are referred to us, and paid for, by corporations we do work with individuals who are funding their own programmes. If you would like to discuss your particular requirements please complete our enquiry form or telephone 0845 603 3880 to speak to Stephen Edwards.

We have a full range of expatriate programmes which cover all areas from deciding whether to take on an assignment to repatriation.

Secialist dual career programmes are also offered for partners who are either looking for work in the UK or deciding how best to spend their time abroad.

No. We feel that running a recruitment arm alongside outplacement could result in a conflict of interest for our consultants between filling a position for a recruitment assignment and helping a client to find the future career path that is best suited to them. However, we do have links with a number of headhunters who send us vacancies which are passed onto clients if appropriate.

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