Shunned job seekers turn into brand bashers

Making sure ones recruitment procedures are up to scratch can have an impact on
an organisation's bottom line as new research has confirmed that job seekers who
have a poor experience turn into brand bashers.

A recent YouGov poll of over 2,500 revealed that 53% of job seekers will not
purchase products and services if they have been badly treated with 23% saying
they would rather go without than purchase a product from a company which has
treated them badly.

In addition, 55% will tell at least three other people about their bad experience and
24% will tell more than six people. One per cent will go so far as to post their
experiences on a blog.

And, it seems, that poor treatment during the recruitment process is not a rare affair
– 23% of job seekers say they've had at least one bad experience.

Steve Edwards, of EuroCareer Consultants, says: "With the increase in individuals
looking for new roles and the competition for consumer spending, a good employer
brand is increasingly critical to an organisation's commercial success.

Recruitment is often an overlooked opportunity to reinforce your consumer brand
experience. A huge amount of money and effort is directed at delivering brand
strategies to existing and potential customers, but that same attention is clearly not being carried through to current and potential employees.

If you treat people poorly during the recruitment process you could lose them as
customers and they are only too happy to tell others about their bad experience.

The pity is that we have seen an increase in the way that applicants are being
treated which reflects badly on the organisation. In this day of electronic
communication there is no reason for applications not to at least be acknowledged
or, worse still, give no feedback to the individual following an interview.

The main gripes from job seekers about the recruitment process involved a lack of
communication. 53% of people were aggrieved that no reason was given for not
being offered the job. For 51%, the lack of feedback following an interview was their
main irritation. And 49% of all job seekers find the lack of acknowledgment of their
application the most annoying part of the recruitment process.

Other findings included:

34% say they are asked irrelevant or stupid questions at interview
30% are asked to do irrelevant tests
26% of job seekers don't like dealing with third parties and recruitment agencies -
men (30%) dislike this more than women (20%)
32% of people say they are sent details for jobs that do not meet their skills or salary


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